On an exploration to an undetermined destination. I carry my loves: philosophy, poetry, music, mathematics, satire. Reach out: rowen.veratome@gmail.com

Finding everyone to be equally ugly is a viable alternative to body positivity & general self-esteem

Photo by Nina M. on Shutterstock

In the pursuit of inclusive beauty representation, we have three options — to see everyone as equally beautiful, to see everyone as inherently neutral, or to see everyone as equally ugly. I proudly choose the last of these options. Everyone is equally hideous.

Just think about it. Everyone you have…

A poem that plays with ideas from science fiction

Image by JhonyCoder on Shutterstock

Out into the orange eye
of the apple-seed, past
thin time, to bring
the inkling of a sprout
out of air, out of the
atmosphere into
the shadow of Jupiter.

Keep bringing them —
until, soon, a kid counts
moons under the first tree
to sleep & finds rabbits

Rowen Veratome

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